kevinkrusher, Pneumatic Aluminum Can Crusher

And the all NEW French Fry Veggie Kutter 


Model 1.5 PTC, 12 or 16 oz (131.50


Pneumatic/ Air powered 12 or 16 oz Aluminum can crusher, 6 1/2" minimum length in chamber to accomodate various can lengths. 110-120 PSI required for optimal performance, Quality manufactured for durability, 6061 aluminum frame construction, double action 1.50 bore x 6.0 stroke cylinder with a high cfm output, spring return valve, PTC fitting (push to connect) fittings, allows you to run 1/4" tubing from your air source and reconnect with ease, as furnished the line connection doesn't restrict the working area, this unit can be mounted vertical or on a horizontal surface

Note: for added noise reduction you would want to purchase the sintered bronze air mufflers If purchased with this unit I will assemble them prior to shipping


Also offered at no extra charge is a choice of line color, natrual as shown, blue, yellow and orange add this option at checkou

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